Center Hole Grinding Machine

Are such issues only because of your cylindrical grinding machine?
Causes of geometry faults such as improper circularity and cylindricity as well as surface roughness could be the insufficient machine precision or the balance of grinding stones. However, in many cases, all those issues may be caused by the accuracy of the "Center hole". 
If you feel something should be improved, please first check the accuracy of the center hole. Not only can the causes of accuracy failure be because of center hole, but the "Centering machine" and "Center hole grinding machine" can be the causes, too. 

"2M8015" created by a highly precise machining center manufacturing technique
XINXIANG SUNRISE's machining center, well known for its excellent precision and long lifetime, is highly appreciated by world-class machine manufacturers. And "2M8015", SUNRISE's center hole grinding machine, is developed by utilizing SUNRISE's designing philosophy and essences of the manufacturing technique.
2M8015 is a precise center hole grinding machine capable of grinding both center holes accurately without turning the work pieces. Delivery of 2M8015 into the market made a step forward to the future potential of extra precision cylindrical grinding machines. 

The accuracy of the center hole influences that of cylindrical grinding greatly. The grinding motion of the unique grinding stone of 2M8015 is capable of grinding the center hole into the super-accurate polygonal shape with a deviation of 2μm or less, and this can only be realized by the cutting edge technology of SUNRISE. The center hole, which is polygonal-shaped based on the three-point support principle, is in contact with the spindle stock of the cylindrical grinding machine and the center of tailstock at three points precisely and securely. This makes possible the further higher grinding accuracy using your currently available cylindrical grinding machines.

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