CNC Vertical Lathe

1     The electrical system used by the machine has reliable control performance and strong anti-interference ability.

2     High precision thrust ball bearing and tapered roller bearing are adopted in the spindle of machine, with high rotary precision and the large bearing capacity.

3     The machine tool has the function of two axis linkage, which can be used for turning various types of surfaces.

4     The speed of the worktable adopt two level of gears, gear reducer and motor with frequency converter to achieve stepless speed change, very convenient to adjust and operate.

5     The machine feed shaft adopts precision ball screw and linear guide rail, so that the machine has the characteristics of high precision and high rigidity.

6     The machine tool is equipped with five station electric knife, which has the function of automatic knife change.

7     The machine is equipped with large flow water cooling unit and high-lift pump to ensure good cooling effect.

8     The machine has closed housing (except the top of the slide), and the workspace is completely protected by screen seal. It can also easily open the protective door and is highly accessible when operation.

9     The machine use centralized lubrication, circular lubrication and other methods, supply oil to each lubricating point, reduce friction resistance, reduce temperature rise and reduce surface wear..

10   The Z shaft adopts the hydraulic balance oil cylinder to balance the weight of the slide table and the tool holder. The balance ability is strong and the stability is good, thus the life of the screw and the guide rail can be improved.

11   The operation procedures of the machine are very simple, the degree of automation is high, and the unstable factors of human error can be reduced to the lowest level.

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