Ball Grinding Machine

This equipment is divided into vertical and horizontal structure, used for semi-finishing process of steel ball,

 Main structural features

1)  The rotation of main shaft and turntable adopt frequency conversion speed regulation;

2)   Hydraulic drive pressure, mechanical pressure preservation by compression spring and constant pressure nut locking;

3)   Adopt end face bearing with high capacity;

4)   The main shaft bearing adopts the mechanical seal structure, which eliminates the hidden danger of the main shaft oil leakage;

5)  The main transmission uses reduction box with a pair of increase modulus and widening gears. The power is transmitted to the  spindle through the output shaft of the bevel gear. The transmission structure is simple and reliable;With mechanical grinding  wheel dresser driven by belt motor;

6)  Adopt small cycle processing in accordance with the requirements (without turntable).

1)Horizontal layout, large cycle machining;

2)L type low gravity structure is adopted, and the moving plate is moving pressurization;

3)Side mounted flat turntable;

4)The opening size of the ball plate, the positioning size of the ball plate, types of turntable (plate or incline), the amount of ball loading, the spindle speed and the power of the main motor can be customized according to the requirements of the customers.

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