Oil Mist Separator

       Oil mist separator to solve the machine tool industry, the bearing industry, cleaning industry and those high-speed cutting industry in the production of fog control processing.This series of products USES the advanced oil mist separation technology, adopts the five-level filtration technology, the quick lock fastening maintenance and repair is convenient, adopts the reliable processing technology, creates the same kind of products in the fine, the performance is consistent with the import but the price is lower than the import price.

Working principle:

Centrifuge high-speed negative pressure produced by the rotation of the pollutants within the suction machine, after the first level stainless steel net coarse filter, filtering and then the secondary, tertiary, into the centrifugal fan, will play to the walls of water mist to form water, the remaining gas from behind again after secondary filtration, separation, purification processing and oil and air to separation, purification of air through the air hole, oil and water after a specified line.

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