Vertical Center Hole Grinding Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 2M8015*1

Product Description

2M8015 Vertical Center Hole Grinding Machine application:

Grinding the central hole at both ends of the shaft parts to ensure the concentricity of the central holes at both ends and to improve the accuracy of the central hole.

Main structure and transmission requirements of machine
1. The machine guide way needs many times of aging treatment, good abrasion resistance.
2. 2M8015 Vertical Center Hole Grinding MachineThe grinding shaft components are composed of extremely precise spindle and bearing components. And through a number of aging, flaw detection, processing, assembly and adjustment, and finally in 45000 RPM / sub stable work. Spindle box feed grinding and return.

3. The workpiece clamping mechanism has automatic centering function
4. Wheel dressing mechanism is moving along grinding wheel semiangle generatrix, accurately dressing the wheel cone.

5. The oil mist lubrication is used in the lubrication system, and the oil mist is carry to the workpiece box by the compressed air, to achieve the lubrication of workpiece spindle and bearings.
6. The machine is equipped with a vacuum cleaner, which can realize the synchronization of grinding and dust cleaning.
7. Electric system
The wiring is neat, the structure is reasonable, the heat dissipation is strong.
The electric system is suitable to the working environment.

Vertical Center Hole Grinding Machine

Center Hole Grinding Machine

2M8015 Center Hole Grinding Machine Working environmental conditions
1. Power supply:AC three phase,380V±10%, 50Hz±1%
2. Temperature:-5~35℃
3. Relative humidity:≤90%
4.  Air medium: Non corrosive medium

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