Face Mask Machine

The full-automatic and high-efficiency mask production line is composed of feeding system, folding forming system, Ear belt welding machine and unloading system. It is suitable for multi-layer PP non-woven fabric, activated carbon and filter materials. Through ultrasonic welding and automatic edge sealing, the multi-layer material composite forming of plane mask is completed, realizing the full automation of mask production from materials to finished products. The number of masks can reach 6000-8000 per hour. The full-automatic production line is driven by PLC control system, servo motor and stepping motor. The production line has high precision and good stability. The full-automatic feeding system is convenient for adjustment and maintenance. The multi-point photoelectric detection feeding system can ensure stable production operation and automatic alarm. The folding forming system can effectively reduce product deformation. The production line can be used with the automatic packaging line of respirator to realize the unmanned operation from material to finished product to packaging.

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