Precision double-sided center hole grinder

Basic Info

Model No.: M4735*1000

Product Description

Double timing device: can grind out the ideal precision and roughness in the optimal time period.

Can be through mechanical, pneumatic any way to achieve the tail tip back, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

Double-head center hole grinding machine is a special machine designed for producing high-precision shaft parts. Mainly used for precision machine tools, precision instruments, automotive manufacturing, textile instruments, pneumatic, hydraulic and other industries shaft parts manufacturing and processing.

Two stations: the double head can be grinded in any of the three modes of "simultaneously", "separately" and "sequentially", which can realize the simultaneous processing of workpieces of the same length and different diameters and improve the production efficiency.

Precision double-sided center hole grinder

Machine Main technical specifications M4735A×500-2 M4735A×1000-2
maximum rotating diameter(mm) Φ350
Maximum workpiece length(mm) 500 1000
Center hole conical Angle 60°(-4′~-10′)
surface roughness(μm) Ra1.6~0.8
Radial runout (mm) ≤0.002 ≤0.003

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