CNC vertical centre hole grinding machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 2M9408

Product Description

CNC Centre Hole Grinding Machine Processing Range

The precision CNC deep hole drilling machine produced by the company is suitable for various kinds of work pieces for deep hole processing:

1. die & mould industry (water transport hole, hot runner, guide roller hole, etc.) auto industry (deep hole processing in cylinder head, crankshaft, hydraulic tubing, plunger bushing, etc.);

2. oil pump & lubricating nipple industry (deep hole processing in oil-injection gas, nozzle valve, plunger bushing, and other spare parts); textile machinery industry (mesopore processing of various spindles);

3. medical equipment industry (axial processing in titanium alloy, stainless steel, etc.); mine & oil machinery (deep hole processing on piston rod, cylinder walls);

4. deep hole processing of rotor, central spindle, value spindle, unit outer cylinder, condenser tube plate in the industry of electrical power, steam turbine.

CNC vertical centre hole grinding machine

Vertical Centre Hole Grinding Machine working environmental conditions

1. Power supply:AC three phase,380V±10%, 50Hz±1%
2. Temperature:-5~35℃
3. Relative humidity:≤90%
4.  Air medium: Non corrosive medium

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