Ball Plate

Technical advantage

Introduction and digestion and absorption of the German ball plate production process, with R & D capabilities, can meet the individual needs of customers. This is the name of the Division I "Sino German" origin.

Manufacturing experience

Starting from the independent legal person has more than 20 years of professional experience in the production of the ball, has accumulated rich experience in the production and management of production and management, training a professional team of professionals.

Technical inheritance

Company management and technical personnel stability, length of service 10 years, 20 years of the backbone of many, for the company's technology accumulation and heritage, reducing the production system fluctuations, to ensure the stability of the product quality.

Three, technical development trend

1, establish and gradually improve the production of metallographic monitoring system and metallographic database;

2, through the cryogenic treatment of grinding ball plate martensite organization in the light, to achieve the ultimate;

3, the development of the lower bainite structure light, grinding ball, low hardness (car plate easily) but high wear resistance (high fatigue strength), impact resistance is good, do not fall off quickly, at the same time to maximize the efficiency of the guarantee.

There is a perfect process tracing system, precise lock to the process parameters of each piece of the ball, easy to correct the problem of prevention and customer personality. Tracing period design for 10 years.

Spectral analysis sample was kept for 1 years, and the analysis record was kept in an indefinite period.

Metallographic analysis sample was kept for 1 years, and the analysis record was kept in an indefinite period.

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