Bearing Bore Grinding Machine

It is mainly used for grinding the inner holes of the inner rings of ball bearing, conical bearing and cylindrical roller bearing, and also for grinding the raceway of the outer rings of conical bearing and cylindrical roller bearing. It is suitable for mass production of bearing.

Main features of machine tools:

1. In-cut oscillation grinding process, single-pole electromagnetic centerless fixture, stable and reliable workpiece positioning.

2, table and feed guide rail are cross  guide rail, good rigidity, small friction coefficient.

3, high rigidity sleeve type workpiece shaft, the internal use of spring pre-tightening, precision retention is good.

4. Fork-type double measuring point measuring instrument, accurate measurement, durable.

5, the workpiece motor and grinding head motor are variable frequency speed regulation, easy to achieve stepless adjustable motor speed.

6. Mitsubishi PLC and 10 "touch screen are adopted in the electrical system.The machine tool has self - diagnosis function and human - machine interface.

7, the use of fully closed shell, beautiful appearance, while fully considering the convenience of loading and unloading workpieces and adjustment and maintenance.

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