Ball Bearing Ring Grinder Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 3MK2016BUC

Product Description

3MK2016 bearing grinding machine is a fully automatic CNC bearing internal surface grinding machine, which is controlled by mitsubishi PLC system + position control module.The movement of all parts of the machine can be independently adjusted on the electric control panel or touch screen of the machine tool, which is easy to operate, convenient to adjust and stable and reliable.

Machine tool with internal circular layout.Electromagnetic centerless fixture support positioning, reciprocating oscillating grinding table.

Grinding wheel shaft with high stiffness and high power oil mist lubrication spindle.

Mitsubishi servo motor drive ball screw pair and double V type needle roller guide, so as to drive the headboard slide feed and grinding wheel wear automatic compensation, ensure that the feed system has accurate sensitivity and dynamic stiffness.

The table adopts hydraulic reciprocating, mechanical oscillation.The oscillation frequency and amplitude can be adjusted.

Adopt double point active measuring instrument, the quantity meter can be matched with zhongyuan precision/Shanghai mabos quantity meter according to the situation.

Work precision

Roundness                                   0.002 mm

Size dispersion                                0.008 mm

Groove side swing                             0.005 mm

The groove shape tolerance                     0.003 mm

Roughness                                   Ra0.4 microns


Main specifications and parameters

Workpiece diameter                              80 --160 mm

Workpiece width                                    20 ~ 80 mm

Bed type rotary Angle                            0 ~ 30 °

Feed range                                          100 mm

Feed resolution                                      0.001 mm

Feed speed                                             5 m/min

Workpiece speed (stepless)                  150-700 r/min

Total machine power                              25 kw

Machine weight                                       5000 kg

Overall size of machine tool                    210 * 165 * 180 cm

Automatic Bearing Ring Grinder Machine

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