CNC Vertical Lathe Equipment

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Model No.: CK5112

Product Description

1 .The numeric controlled vertical lathe is a high production efficiency.They can be used for mechanical processing such as andfinismachto inside and outside cylindrical faces, inside and outside circular conical surfaces, hollows and different kinds of curve faces and notch cutting.

2.The main shaft of workbench is centered by biserial short cylindrical roller bearing with high precision and adjustable diametral clearance.the workbench has the features of high running accuracy, large carrying capacity and small thermal deformationg.

3.The pedestal, workbench, lathe body and beam are made of ferrosteel with high strength and high wearing qualities, which are tempered to remove the internal stress and to keep their shapes from changing.

4.The feeding of the lathe is driven by AC servomotor througn ball screw transmitting motion.The beam and vertical tool posts are covered with sealing shield, which make the lathe more safe and easy to operate.

5.The main shaft of the lathe is driven by AC motor.With the 16 step speed changing mechanism to main shaft, the rotation rate of workbench can be changed in the scope.

6.Imported or home-made numerical controlling systems can be adopthe according to user's needs.

CNC Vertical Lathe Equipment

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