Horizontal Ceramic Ball Grinding Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 3M7690A/XX

Product Description

Ball Grinding Machine Main technical parameters:

Working range: φ12.7~ φ75mm

Dimension of plates: ODφ360*100

Speed of main shaft: 10~40 r/min (frequency conversion)

Ball load capacity: 1000kg

Main motor power: 22kW

Ceramic Ball Grinding Machine

Product structural features:

1.Horizontal layout.
2.Suitable for the  lapping process;
3.The rotation of main shaft and turntable adopt frequency conversion speed regulation;
4.Hydraulic drive pressure, mechanical pressure preservation by compression spring and constant pressure nut locking;
5.A spring equal distance compression structure is adopted to ensure the uniform compression of the steel balls between the two plates;
6.The main shaft bearing adopts the mechanical seal structure, which eliminates the hidden danger of the main shaft oil leakage;
7.The main drive adopts hard toothed surface bevel gear motor, and the reducer is low in heating and high in drive efficiency;
8.After the gear motor is installed, the output shaft is facing upwards, thus eliminating the hidden danger of lubricating oil leakage;
9.Adopt small cycle processing in accordance with the requirements (without turntable). 

Ceramic Ball Grinding

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