Silicon steel sheet deburring machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 2M53100

Product Description

This machine is used for silicon steel sheet deburring, it includes abrasive belt roller, motor, A face of abrasive belt roller equipped with left and right swing seat, shaft head with A place within A sliding bearing roller in left and right sides, the other end of the adjusting shaft T head fastening in eccentric wheel and motor shaft fixed t-slot, motor by the fixed frame is fixed on the dovetail seat, dovetail with slide seat, screw in the slide through the screw nut connection, signal conduction, mounted on the eccentric wheel motor fixed frame around each bracket with A switch, which contains the proximity switch.The lead screw rotates to drive the slide seat to translate and adjust the swing.The utility model has the following effects: as the dynamic impact transmission is changed, it can indeed ensure the rotation and oscillation of the sand belt, and the motion track is consistent, and the residual amount of deburring is 0.003, the whole device design is reasonable, the use of agile, accurate and reliable swing, and improve product quality.

Silicon Steel of Motor

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