Medium-sized HUB Bearing Grinder

Basic Info

Model No.: 3MK1320SG

Product Description

3MK1320SG  Structural features:

High speed grinding with 60m/s grinding wheel, high pressure and large flow cooling system.

High performance numerical control system, stable and reliable automatic circulation, strong anti-interference ability, and self-diagnosis function, easy to operate.

The machine adopts the complete closed cover shell, beautiful appearance, and has the fogging device (special order)

The grinding machine adopts centerless grinding machine layout to cut into grinding mode.The grinding wheel frame is fixed on the body of the bed, and the grinding wheel spindle is supported by a three-piece bearing bush, with good rigidity and high precision.

The machine tool rail adopts double V type high precision rolling rail with good rigidity.

The use of bipolar electromagnetic centerless fixture can greatly reduce magnetic leakage and coil heating.

Adopt second level feeding and unloading mechanism, stable and reliable, high efficiency.

CNC bearing groove grinding Machine

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