Medium-sized CNC aligning bearing ring grinding machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 3MK1420B-2

Product Description

Structural features:

1 bed: casting structure, after two aging treatment, eliminate the internal stress;

2 workpiece feeding mode: imported servo motor + elastic coupling + ball screw drive;

Table motion mode: imported servo motor + elastic coupling + ball screw drive;

3 dresser: arc dresser, driven by hydraulic cylinder;

4 workpiece speed regulation mode: ac frequency conversion speed regulation;

Feeding and unloading mechanism: single arm type;

5.Workpiece spindle: sleeve spindle, grinding wheel spindle: oil mist lubrication spindle);

6. spindle frequency conversion: 25KVA converter;

7. ball screw lubrication: centralized lubrication;

8.Electrical system: mitsubishi PC, touch screen;

9. the machine tool has the self-diagnosis function, can promptly eliminate the fault;

Grinding Processing Machine

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