Horizontal steel ball lapping super finish machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 3M7780A

Product Description

Working accuracy:

Working range:φ5~ φ25mm

Dimension of wheel connect plate:ODφ800 × IDφ400× Wφ50

Dimension of resin wheel:ODφ800 × ID φ440× Wφ30(50) (provide by user)
Main structural features:
1.Horizontal layout, large cycle machining;
2.Suitable for the finishing lapping process, the resin grinding wheel can be used for grinding instead of lapping.
3.L type low gravity structure is adopted, and the rotating plate is moving pressurization;
4.Adopt the separate structure of positioning, pressuring and sliding of rolling linear guide rail.
5.The rotation of main shaft and turntable adopt frequency conversion speed regulation;
6.Hydraulic drive pressure, normally open type hydraulic station;
7.Side mounted flat turntable;
8.The opening size of the ball plate, the positioning size of the ball plate, the amount of ball loading, the spindle speed and the power of the main motor can be customized according to the requirements of the customers.

Horizontal Steel Ball Lapping Equipment

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