duplex grinder double sided grinder

Basic Info

Model No.: 2M84100B

Product Description

 double disc grinder Application area:
    It`s suitable for parts plane grinding in batches. Application of double side grinding in hydraulic pneumatic components, 
    hydraulic motor parts, car steering pump parts, refrigeration compressor parts, 
   oil pump and oil mouth parts, engine parts, high precision bearings, seals, piston rings, 
   measuring tools, mold, instrument, carbide blade, ceramics, monocrystalline silicon piece, 
   magnetic materials and other products.

Duplex Grinder for Sale Double Sided Grinder Equipment

Working accuracy:
Grinding wheel size :  980*370*55(mm)
Max. Diameter of workpiece :  330(mm)
Parallelism           : 0.001(mm)
Flatness                :0.001 (mm)
Equal altitudes     :0.002 (mm)
Surface roughness :Ra 0.2μm

double disc grinder

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