Bearing ring Lip grinding machine

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Model No.: 3MK2650

Product Description

CNC Bearing Ring Lip Grinding Machine:

1,After processing and grinding, the workpiece size difference is small, groove center position is accurate, groove shape, roundness, good curvature.,

2,High system precision, the table servo resolution of 0.1μm, electrical control system hardware by mitsubishi original PLC, mitsubishi servo system and man-machine interface, mechanical execution system by high precision ball screw and steel guide rail, with good control.

3,High positioning accuracy, grinding frame by servo system control.Therefore, the positioning accuracy of the grinding wheel center to the workpiece center is high during grinding, and the positioning accuracy of the grinding wheel to the dresser during dressing is obviously superior to the traditional hydraulic pressure.

4.The workpiece motor by frequency converter control, can achieve stepless speed ,regulation, to meet the different process requirements.

5,Easy to adjust, with accurate guidance and positioning device, make the adjustment more convenient.

6,System software after optimization design, easy operation and adjustment, stable and reliable action, low failure rate, the system has a strong protection function, can maximize to prevent misoperation and misoperation.

   Ring Lip Grinding Machine  fiom XINXIANG SUNRISE company

Bearing ring Lip grinding machine

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