Automatic CNC bearing groove grinding Machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 3MK1316B

Product Description

 3MK1316B  Main Structures and Features

1.Adopting SIEMENS, FANUC> MTTSUBISHIall-digital AC servo control system.
2.Centerless layout, workpiece feeding and cut-in feeding.
3.Electromagnetic centerless clamp, magnetizing and demagnetizing controlled by remote control. The amount of magnetic power can be adjusted by digitals on operating panel.
4.Adopting a high-prccision shaft with sleeve and adjusting the speed by a variable frequency.
5.Wheel shaft: The dynamic and static-pressure spindles and constant-temperature cooling by air conditioner arc used in order to realize to grind at a high¬speed of 60m/s with a high precision. In addition, a wheel balancing device is equipped with the machines.
6.Adopting the single point diamond pen for dressing automatically.
7.Grinding way: By setting process or meters.

Bearing Groove Grinding

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