Auto Water Pump Bearing Ring Super finish machine

Basic Info

Model No.: 3MK313SG-2

Product Description

Super Finish Machine for Bearing Ring      Structural features

Auto Water Pump Bearing Ring Super finish machine

1, Bearing Grooves Super Finish Machine  Control system: Mitsubishi PLC

2,Man-machine interface: touch screen, the screen settings of automatic, manual, alarm, parameters, I / O points

3,Workpiece spindle: The sleeve structure. High precision and high rigidity spindle bearings with grease lubrication. Spindle shaft end flange runout 3μm, axial runout 2μm.

4,Speed control: workpiece swing through Ribbed AC variable frequency motor drives, AC frequency control.

5,Bed casting: bed casting using HT250 materials, precision manufacturing processes resin sand casting, secondary aging, smooth surface appearance, good vibration absorption and deformation.

6,Support: the use of a centering bore, face pressed

7,Loading and unloading mechanism: the blanking robot arm type system

Machining accurancy(UC208):



Accuracy requirements



20%~30% better


Surface roughness




16 second

Bearing Ring Grooves

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